Pre-Planned Meals


Entradas / Entrees


Tártaro de Carne de Vaca

Beef Tartar, Crisp Potato 



Salada Caesar com Galinha

Chicken Caesar Salad  



Sopa de Gazpacho

Gazpacho soup  



Prato Principal / Mains


Robalo, Puré de Batata, Tom Yum

Sea Bass, Mash Potato, Tom Yum  



Peito de Pato, Bacon, Batatas no Forno

Duck Breast, Bacon & Herb Roasted Potato’s  



Risotto Vegetariano de Legumes, Pesto e Mozzarella

Vegetable Risotto, Mozzarella, Pesto  



Sobremesas / Dessert


Crumble de Maçã, Coulis de Frutos Vermelhos, Gelado

Apple Crumble, Berry Coulis, Ice Cream  



Tarte de Banana e Doce de Leite

Bananna & Dulce de Leche Tart  



How It Works



View this weeks menu & order online via our Order Now button.

Note: Orders must be in by 12 midnight on Wednesday.


Every Thursday Chef Justin & the team receive the orders and get back to you with a confirmation email.

Your order is prepared fresh for delivery.


Friday afternoon one of the team from Downunder will personally deliver your order, delivery time will be after 6pm and part of your confirmation email.

Note: All meals are delivered cold. Ready to heat & eat.

Ready to eat

When you are hungry. Simply follow the reheating instructions on the package.